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It is important that you have clear and comfortable vision with your spectacle lenses. It is also important that the lens "looks well" in your spectacles. Our staff are trained to help you to choose the right lens for you.

Lens types

Single vision - for distance or reading.
Varifocal - Distance and reading correction in the same lans with no invisible line.
Occupational lenses - Specifically designed for the work place, computers etc.

Lens Materials

Lenses are made from different index materials. The higher the index the thinner and lighter the material eg. 1.4 index is the thinnest and lightest, 1.5 is the thickest and heaviest.
Our staff will advise as to which lens will be best for your individual prescription. We can also compare the thickness of different lenses in your prescription to demonstrate the thinner and lighter lenses.


Lenses are available with various coatings.

Anti - reflection coating
Ideal for night driving and computer use also has a superior cosmetic appearance as it virtually illuminates distracting reflection on the lens.

Most lenses can be supplied in a wide range of tints for comfort, glare, sport and sun.

Also photochromic / transitions lenses are available. These lenses change colour i.e darken when exposed to direct sunlight and lighten again when not in sunlight.